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Niches in a box delivers a PLR mega-site. Have you ever tried to deal with PLR membership? Then you are probably all too familiar with the huge gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered. Sure, you can get tons of articles but soon find out that you can’t do anything with them. So, off you go to join another PLR site to get good squeeze pages, and off to a third site to get quality landing pages.You’ve worked hard to generate traffic and you want a complete, professional site for them to visit. After piecing together multiple elements from multiple membership sites, you’re pages are starting to look really good… except they don’t integrate with one another. A quick email to the support department and you’re told that the problem is with the other site’s component, and WE don’t support that. Once again, you’re off to purchase more training videos, more ebooks and in the end, you’re still left guessing. You sadly realize that you’ve spend hundreds of dollars and are left with components you can’t use.What are you supposed to do? It’s not supposed to be this hard. Guess what… It doesn’t have to be! I’m here to tell you that there IS a membership site that’s different. An opportunity that is not just another PLR program or Adsense Template service.


Niches in a boxis a FULL-Service opportunity. A True All-in-One, Ready to promote, Complete business! Every element is there for you, every feature is integrated with every other feature. The membership package provides you with a FULLY OPERATIONAL AND PROFITABLE business each and every month. A business that is backed by experienced marketers. A business that has been proven over and over by thousands of members in the last 24 months. In the rare event that you DO need support, we will NEVER leave you hanging. We are committed to YOUR success. Our Training Center alone contains HUNDREDS of valuable videos. We are also aware that the internet can be an ever-changing environment. That’s why we are constantly improving our systems and developing NEW addons to fit with new visitor’s behaviors. Worried about getting the same site as your neighbour? Membership is limited to 350 members…AND we provide 10 different Squeeze pages to choose from. Worried about driving traffic? We provide an extensive resource of niche related traffic source for your monthly package! Simply follow the steps and you will see traffic pouring in your site. Isn’t it time to go with the solution that does 98% of the work for you? Yes, you still need to promote your new business, but as for all the rest… It doesn’t get much easier than this!Yes, I hear you… Just One ready-to-go business Site per month? Well, as if Niches in a Box wasn’t good enough already.. no, not just one site, not two… but 15 FULLY OPERATIONAL Websites focused on a specific Niche businesses each and every month!

To learn more about how you could have 98% of the work done for you, visit NIAB and see how easy your life can really be.

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Blog Archive

The Blog Archive is designed to store any of the pages that appear in the Northern Ireland Travel Blog that don’t fit into any of the main areas on the Navigation Bar.

I will use it to archive any general comments that I post on the Travel Blog. It will be like a sort of miscellaneous section for subjects that I think are relative to Northern Ireland Travel.

I will start with the most recent first.

Niches In A Box
Would You Like to Run Your Online Business on Autopilot? Niches-In-A-Box is now live! Important: there are some incredible Bonuses for the early birds…

July 08

Northern Ireland Flag
What is the Northern Ireland Flag. Is it the Ulster Flag, Union Jack or Tricolour? A collection of the different flags associated with Northern Ireland.

June 08

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My Favourite Games To Keep Boredom Away

Enjoy my collection of free online games. Travelling can be very exciting for kids and all the family. Going on a road trip in the car; seeing different places for the first time; flying in an airplane. But other parts of travel, especially waiting around and the long, dull boring parts can feel like forever, especially for children. Sitting about in a crowded airport; driving along an endless piece of road. Waiting in a hotel room to see what is going to happen next. Well, that’s not a problem anymore as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. I have included a list of my favourites to keep them occupied.

Television Series

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Deal Or No Deal?

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The Capital Of Northern Ireland – Visit Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast and it’s part of the United Kingdom.It has a good ‘feel’ about it with a friendly atmosphere.

There is plenty to keep you occupied during the day and also a varied night-life ranging from Night clubs to Comedy clubs.

Visit Northern Ireland’s Capital

Author: Colm BradyBelfast is the second largest city on the island of Ireland and the largest in Northern Ireland. Its rich, and sometimes troubled, history is a source of fascination to many visitors to Ireland and it is well worth visiting.The site where Belfast stands now has been inhabited for thousands of years, with evidence of human life there dating as far back as the Bronze Age. However, it was not until as recently as the 17th century that it began developing into the city it has become today.It established itself as a major industrial centre in the 18th century providing everything from tobacco to ships. In fact, Harland and Wolff was at one point one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. It was here that the ill-fated Titanic was built, although it was never to return.In the early 1920s Belfast became the capital of Northern Ireland, as the Republic of Ireland gained its independence from Britain. Although it was heavily bombed in World War II, it remained relatively peaceful up until the 1960s and the beginning of the Troubles.What started out as a civil rights movement exploded into over three decades of shootings, bombings and street violence. However, Northern Ireland’s capital has put these sad times behind it and in the past 10 years has blossomed into a peaceful and progressive city.The Provisional IRA has decommissioned its weapons and the British Army presence on the city streets is minimal. Also, recent political developments have seen sworn enemies coming together to govern the country.Today, Belfast and Northern Ireland are as safe and welcoming as any other part of Ireland and offer sights and experiences that should not be missed.

Colm Brady is Director of Business Development for Thrifty Car Rental Ireland and has worked with Thrifty since 2000. Colm is continually developing the companies business through both the traditional and online channels. Among the websites that are currently under the Thrifty Umbrella are: Car Rental Northern Ireland, and Car Rental N Ireland.

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