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This collection of Northern Ireland articles will let you discover more about this beautiful country.

Every author of these articles has something to say and their opinion to share.

I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to give you as much information as I can about travel, political opinion, tourism, money matters.

In fact, just about anything and everything related to Northern Ireland and even some stuff related to Ireland in general. I hope you find enough information and knowledge to make your trip to Northern Ireland a great pleasure and success.

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The Capital Of Northern Ireland – Visit Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city in Ireland. It has an interesting history and is rich in culture which makes it a great fascination for many visitors to Ireland.

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The Big Wheel – Top Attraction At Belfast City Hall

Do you think the big wheel should stay or go? Is it good for Belfast? Have you been on the wheel recently?

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) wants to move the Big Wheel away from the City Hall.

The super spinning Wheel, a £60m tourist attraction, has been in the grounds of Belfast City Hall since October, 2007. It has a license to stay there until New Year’s Eve 2008.

World Tourist Attractions, who operate the giant Wheel in the City, have applied for a nine month extension to the license which would allow the wheel to stay until August 2009.

Belfast City councillors have backed a planning application to retain the famous landmark until August next year, but the NIEA thinks it should no longer be situated at the City Hall.

Would moving this top tourist attraction from the City Hall be a disaster for Belfast?

Would taking it away send out the wrong message about the city?

Has the highly successful attraction become an iconic symbol of the city’s resurgence after the ‘Troubles’.

Tell us what you think! Have you been to Belfast recently as a tourist? Did you ride above Belfast in one of the fancy carriages?

Leave your messages here.

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