Armagh Planetarium was established in 1968 to complement the work of Armagh Observatory. It is a world-renowned astronomical organisation and its goal is to educate its audience in astronomy and related sciences.

The Planetarium is a diverse establishment and prides itself on being able to bring astronomy education to any the level of student. Its unique ability to adapt to changes in its audience means that it can capture the mind of a nursery school child right through to delighting senior citizens with its presentations. It uses a number of different techniques and workshops to do this.

While visiting the site you can take part in some of these interactive workshops on a variety of topics including rocket building, solar viewing and how space robots are built. If you want to find out about other sciences while you are there you can try other educational pursuits such as electricity or even dinosaurs.

Also during the year regular telescope nights are held when members of the public can go to the planetarium and use Ireland’s largest public telescope. You will see some awe-inspiring sights in the night sky and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Saturn’s rings.

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