The Ferguson Brass Quintet is a vibrant, flexible brass ensemble based in Belfast and managed by local musician Philip Ferguson. The musicians that form the quintet are made up from the cream of local musical talent and expertise.

This highly professional group of brass musicians are experienced at delivering music for any occasion and performing at a high standard. The musicians are in high demand performing with various groups around the country and have travelled throughout Europe and America.

Our Musical Repertoire And Services

Whether you are hosting a Business Banquet, inviting some friends round for a Garden party, holding a promotional event or celebrating an important anniversary, The Ferguson Brass Quintet will add a unique ambience to your occasion.

We have a large and varied repertoire suitable for every occasion which we believe will help make your event a great success! We are completely flexible to your needs and requirements and are able to tailor a package that will match your situation perfectly.

Formal dinners and Banquets are enhanced by smooth and tranquil background music ensuring your guests are put at ease during their meal. The music provides a warm atmosphere in the room, that is often a point of conversation at the table and something to reminisce about afterwards.

We can provide a varied range of musical styles to enhance your event. With a uniquely varied repertoire spanning 500 years of music we can tailor a compilation to suit your needs. We can perform Baroque and Classical as well as music from the 20th century.

‘Add a touch of class to that special day.’

Weddings are particularly suited to the sounds of brass music. Our rousing music adds grandeur to your ceremony. Processional marches for stately entrances as well as reflective music for more subdued periods during the day are all attainable. Whatever your musical tastes and requirements maybe, we are able to accommodate your aspirations.

Why not consider…

  • A trumpet fanfare to announce the bride
  • Musical entertainment for your guests as the photographs are taken
  • Background music to bring a relaxed atmosphere to the reception

The Wedding Ceremony – We can perform a suitable Wedding repertoire during the ceremony as well as background music as the congregation gathers at the venue.The ceremony usually begins with a standard entrance piece such as Trumpet Voluntary or the Prince of Denmark’s March as the Bride walks down the aisle. We can then play some hymns and also entertain the congregation while the signing of the register takes place.If we don’t have a particular piece of music that you require, we can obtain it for you for an additional cost.

The Reception – We can provide some background music as your guests arrive for the reception. While you are getting your photographs taken and your guests are having some pre-dinner drinks, we will entertain them for around an hour until they are ready to be sat down for their meal.

The price for using the services of the Ferguson Brass Quintet is negotiable. We will give you a quotation based on your requirements. If you would like to discuss your event with us, please use the form below in the first instance.

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