County Antrim map from Google You will notice by looking at the County Antrim Map and the sheer size of the Antrim area, that it is the 9th largest of the Counties of Ireland in terms of area, and 2nd in terms of population. Antrim is situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland. Covering an area of 2,844 km², it has a population of approximately 566,000, most of them in and around the Belfast area.

The Glens of Antrim offer isolated rugged landscapes, the Giant’s Causeway is a unique landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bushmills produces legendary whiskey, and Portrush is a popular nightlife zone. The majority of the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast, is also in County Antrim.

A large portion of the county is hilly, especially in the east, where the highest elevations are attained, though these are nowhere great. The range includes Knocklayd (1,695 feet), Slieveanorra (1,676 feet), Trostan (1,817 feet), Slemish (1,457 feet) and Divis (1,567 feet).The only island of size is Rathlin Island, off Ballycastle, 6½ miles in length by 1½ in breadth, 7 miles from the coast, and of similar basaltic and limestone formation to that of the mainland. It is partially arable, and supports a small population.

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