George Best

was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 22nd May 1946. He played football for many different clubs during his 23 year career, but most notably for Manchester United.

He played for his country, Northern Ireland, 37 times and was named European Footballer Of The Year 1968. This was probably one of the greatest years in his foot-balling career as Manchester United also won the European Cup.

With his great skill at football, George became a major celebrity. His new found fame gained him an extravagant and lavish lifestyle. GQ magazine named him as one of the most stylish men of the last fifty years.

His lifestyle and love for alcohol was to be his downfall and eventually ended his career and his life. He died on 25th November, 2005, as a result of a lung infection and multiple organ failure.

His funeral was held at Stormont Estate, Belfast where over 100,000 people gathered to pay their last respects to the foot-balling legend.

The service was broadcast around the world on all the top news channels, before his coffin was taken to Roselawn Cemetery to be buried beside his mother in a private family ceremony.

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