My Delightful Collection Of Irish Recipes And Foods

My Irish recipes collection. It isn’t surprising that so many famous and acclaimed recipes from Ireland are being eaten all over the world. Quite a few Americans have Irish relatives and ancestors that have passed on to them the secrets of Irish cooking.

So many different types of wholesome food made from natural ingredients are being eaten all over the ‘Emerald Isle’ every day in homes and restaurants.

The fertile soil, wet climate and generations of farming excellence give us an enormous variety of natural foods that have put Ireland at the forefront of the international food industry.

It has built a firm foundation and fame for creating some of the finest authentic Irish food recipes and delicacies, which are sought after around the world.I have started my collection with recipes that are more commonly found in Northern Ireland

soda150-9913656 Scrumptious Soda Farls

Soda Farls are made from the same recipe as Irish Soda Bread. The Farls are more likely to be eaten in Northern Ireland as part of an Ulster Fry. They can also be topped with butter and jam and eaten together with a mug of tea.


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