My Irish Songs collection. This is a small listing of my favourite songs from Ireland that I have put together, to get you into the ‘spirit’ for your vacation.

If you have been to the ‘Emerald Isle’ before, you may have heard them a thousand times while out enjoying yourself in the local pub. All your favourites…Danny boy, Galway Bay, I’ll Tell Me Ma, Molly Malone, etc..Here’s a wee song to get you started. The Irish Washer Woman!I am going to give you the lyrics and hopefully most of them will have a special performance along with them, so you can sing along too!Enjoy the craic!!

Tell Me Ma When I Go HomeA popular Irish Traditional tune. Once you hear it, you will probably recognise it. I have included a wee video of ‘The Dubliners’ singing it.

Whiskey In The JarFor anybody you enjoys a good hooley and showing-off in front of their mates. It’s a great pub sing-a-long!

Horse It Into Ya CynthiaEveryone’s favourite by Conal Gallen. You will find a great wee video and the ‘hard to find’ lyrics for Cynthia. Ye Ha!

Danny BoyA Irish tune that is a big hit with the Canadians and Americans. Danny Boy is set the beautiful Londonderry Air.

The Irish RoverAn Irish tune about a boat that carries goods from Ireland to America and then comes to a sudden end when it strikes a rock.

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