Niches in a box delivers a PLR mega-site. Have you ever tried to deal with PLR membership? Then you are probably all too familiar with the huge gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered. Sure, you can get tons of articles but soon find out that you can’t do anything with them. So, off you go to join another PLR site to get good squeeze pages, and off to a third site to get quality landing pages.You’ve worked hard to generate traffic and you want a complete, professional site for them to visit. After piecing together multiple elements from multiple membership sites, you’re pages are starting to look really good… except they don’t integrate with one another. A quick email to the support department and you’re told that the problem is with the other site’s component, and WE don’t support that. Once again, you’re off to purchase more training videos, more ebooks and in the end, you’re still left guessing. You sadly realize that you’ve spend hundreds of dollars and are left with components you can’t use.What are you supposed to do? It’s not supposed to be this hard. Guess what… It doesn’t have to be! I’m here to tell you that there IS a membership site that’s different. An opportunity that is not just another PLR program or Adsense Template service.


Niches in a boxis a FULL-Service opportunity. A True All-in-One, Ready to promote, Complete business! Every element is there for you, every feature is integrated with every other feature. The membership package provides you with a FULLY OPERATIONAL AND PROFITABLE business each and every month. A business that is backed by experienced marketers. A business that has been proven over and over by thousands of members in the last 24 months. In the rare event that you DO need support, we will NEVER leave you hanging. We are committed to YOUR success. Our Training Center alone contains HUNDREDS of valuable videos. We are also aware that the internet can be an ever-changing environment. That’s why we are constantly improving our systems and developing NEW addons to fit with new visitor’s behaviors. Worried about getting the same site as your neighbour? Membership is limited to 350 members…AND we provide 10 different Squeeze pages to choose from. Worried about driving traffic? We provide an extensive resource of niche related traffic source for your monthly package! Simply follow the steps and you will see traffic pouring in your site. Isn’t it time to go with the solution that does 98% of the work for you? Yes, you still need to promote your new business, but as for all the rest… It doesn’t get much easier than this!Yes, I hear you… Just One ready-to-go business Site per month? Well, as if Niches in a Box wasn’t good enough already.. no, not just one site, not two… but 15 FULLY OPERATIONAL Websites focused on a specific Niche businesses each and every month!

To learn more about how you could have 98% of the work done for you, visit NIAB and see how easy your life can really be.

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