The Northern Ireland Weather Forecast
Is It Good, Bad Or Ugly!

What can I tell you about the Northern Ireland Weather Forecast? Well…one thing that’s pretty certain is that there is a good chance of rain, it’s usually quite cool and you will probably need a coat if you are going out.

Northern Ireland’s climate is mild and temperate, with fresh winters, very little snow, and warmish summers. It tends to be breezy and damp, with sudden changes from cloudy and overcast skies to clear sunny skies and vice versa.

You can see from the weather forecast below what the temperature is like in Belfast. If you would like to check the weather forecast for any other area, just type the city name in the search box.

Belfast Weather Forecast, United Kingdom

With many countries in the world experiencing climate changes, it is true that Northern Ireland is liable to have a spot of rain at any time, even on a nice sunny day, so if you are visiting make sure you pack an umbrella or a light rain jacket. Yes, even in the Summer season.This may make you feel a little demotivated, but let me cheer you up a little.

There are some good points. We never have a rainy season, monsoons, tidal waves, droughts, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes or avalanches.

What Are The Average Seasonal Temperatures
Like In Northern Ireland?

Average temperatures…

  • Spring temperatures
    range from 5°C – 13°C
  • Summer temperatures
    range from 12°C – 22°C
  • Autumn temperatures
    range from 6°C – 14°C
  • Winter temperatures
    range from -3°C – 9°C

Enjoy Your Trip!

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