Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum started life in 1958, as the Ulster Folk Museum, by an Act of Parliament. The Transport Museum was added later between 1993 and 1996 with the arrival of the Rail and Road Galleries.

The museum is a superb tourist attraction and was recently voted ‘Irish Museum of the Year’. It was setup to illustrate the ‘way of life’ and ‘traditions’ of the people in Northern Ireland. It was realized that something had to be done to preserve and record their heritage as culture in Northern Ireland was changing at such a fast pace and was in danger of disappearing.

It covers an area of over 170 acres and has a magnificent outdoor layout. There are around 50 exhibits telling the story of life in early 20th Century Ulster. You can see how people lived, what food they ate, how they farmed and what type of occupations they had.

The Transport area of the museum is mostly indoors. It houses a fine collection of horse-drawn carts, motor cars, steam engines and the history of ship and aircraft building in Northern Ireland. There is a permanent exhibition of the Titanic and also the X2 Flight simulator.

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